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Feature article - Craps
Craps is more than just a game, by John Rudden

Craps is more than just a game. It's a challenge. A chance to do battle against the odds. A test of your luck against the house. You tempt fate. Will you experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat?

You approach the table. Before you lies the green field of battle. You buy your chips and enter into the unknown. This leather bound table represents a world of possibilities and it is, for the moment, your only reality.

Your objective is to beat the house at it's own game. Can you make the Pit boss sweat? Will Lady Luck shine her light upon you?

But you need more than just luck to succeed. Simply making random bets in a haphazard way will almost surely end up in disaster. You will need a plan. Some method or strategy that will help you survive the house edge.

The odds are against you and that makes it impossible for any system you use to beat the house consistently in the long run. There are, however, some bets that you can make with a low house edge. You need first to determine how the dice are running.

When you first start betting, take it slow. Get a feel for the table. Are a lot of numbers being thrown and points being made? Or is the seven coming up before you win back your bets? Once you determine which way you think the dice are running, you would start to bet accordingly. Place bets on the six and eight are good for a hot table. Don't come bets are good for a cold table.

There are hundreds of systems and methods you can try. You also need to know about money management, betting progressions and discipline.

Craps is an exciting game where, once you learn a few simple bets, you can win money and have fun at the same time.

A great resource can be found on the Internet at John Rudden's website, Craps Pit. There are over 100 systems listed in the database. You'll also find betting methods, links, a message board and much more. Best of all it's free.

[Article submitted June 2002]

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