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Dice Control Execution - The Total Process - Lesson 6 in an ongoing series on Dice Control, By Jerry Patterson and John Vance. Edited and Abbreviated from the PARR Dice Control Course

Dice Control is not just about the skill of setting, gripping and throwing the dice - it's a total process including zoning in, aiming, releasing and following through. Here is how we do it:

Become comfortable with the table. As the dice are coming to me, I'm rubbing the felt on the table and preparing my mind set. I'm now relaxing and breathing slowly and deeply. My bet size has already been determined with the betting tactic I will use and chips are positioned in my chip rack to facilitate minimal disruption of gripping/throwing process.

Dice Set. Quick and smooth, 2 seconds max. Dealers don't have time to even notice most of the time.

Grip. Grip the dice with the one-finger or three-finger front with all fingers "even" with each other. By now I have begun entering the "ZONE" my "calm place," - a standing next to a beautiful waterfall and blocking out every thing and every person at the table. I've become ONE synergistic element with the dice, all working together toward one mutual outcome.

Aim. Stretch arm toward the desired target area, taking a deep full breath in, filling my lungs, never, ever allowing my eyes to rise above the green diamonds. No eye contact with other players, never, ever allowing this distraction from my "calm place!"

Dice Square & Flush. During my aim, adjust my wrist to ensure the dice are perfectly square and flush to the back wall.

Holding deep breath in, bring hand back, short back swing, "breaking wrist" just slightly if at all, dice remain square to end wall.

Begin a "full exhale" as hand and arm "flow smoothly forward" to desired release point with hand ending straight out, parallel to table bed, in "Fish Mouth Release".

Eyes remain "fixed" on the target landing area.

All thoughts are now subconscious.

Muscle Memory has now taken over.

Release thumb nanosecond before dice sliding off front fingers "evenly." The split second difference of the dice pulling away from the front fingers insuring 1 to 3 revolutions with slowest possible momentum to achieve the desired "arc" with very soft landing. The reverse spins neutralize the forward momentum so when the dice land, the forward energy has been reduced by the dice backspin - just the right amount of spin to balance or counter the forward momentum.

Follow through. Continue with arm/hand and wrist breaking upward all the way through a relaxed smooth release, removing any "jerking motion" at release (follow through like a golf swing). Eyes now on the dice watching them "float" through a nice slow arc with slight backspin holding tight together as they land in the target zone, visualizing & influencing the dice to the desired spot and outcome.

Nice slow arc and landing. The dice take two to three bounces, square and flush to the table surface just in front of the diamond wall, gently repel off the back wall and then "die" like "fly paper" sticking them to the table.

With the desired number resulting, I gently hit the table with my fist and, with a low whisper, say "Y E S!" This provides positive reinforcement directly to my "muscle memory" influencing the next roll to be consistent, duplicating the same identical movements and process for the next throw.

Thinking through only ONE toss at time. Only the toss I'm currently in matters, nothing else. Each following toss stands alone, on it's own, one at a time.

Now, slow breathing while assessing the dice as the stick man brings them back to me. A quick and easy check tells me which die I have to adjust and I make those moves quickly and seamlessly. I remain in my "water fall calm place." I'm totally comfortable, fully relaxed in my "right brain," my thinking is now all subconscious, I don't hear most of the table talk, it's blocked out, only thinking of my next throw with consistency and total confidence of the desired outcome is my subconscious thought.

I have NOT MADE THE DICE PERFORM. I'm working with them, not against them, no force. I have done no more than merely allowed the dice to deliver the desired results, influenced only by my muscle memory.

When all the elements are tuned in, all at once, all together, the dice deliver flawless results, over and over again. It's truly an amazing thing to see and a really awesome feeling to achieve. When that eventual "7" brings the journey to an end, you feel yourself coming out of a deep trance. You look around, and there are the folks you now recall who were there a few moments ago!

After 20 to 30 plus rolls, this takes its toll on one's energy field. It normally leaves me exhausted, needing a well-deserved break to re-energize myself by finding, seeking any kind of warm and friendly distraction that will relax and prepare me for the next session.

Copyright 1996-2004 by Jerry Patterson & Sharpshooter All Rights Reserved

The Sharpshooter-PARR video-based dice control course is the only course with a detailed workbook to facilitate home practice leading to hands-on dice setting and dice control instruction, and the only course unconditionally guaranteed for 6 months.

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[Article submitted June 2002]

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