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Money Transactions in Online Casinos are they safe? By Jennifer Bates

Online casinos have made many efforts lately to make money transactions safer and more accessible. They keep introducing changes in their money policies. The big issue in online casinos is represented by the fact that every action involved is done remotely (in opposition with "brick and mortar" casinos where every action/every transaction takes place or is done face to face with another person. You register from distance, you play from distance and if if you might discover any negative aspects, you complain from distance as well. Payments and financial transactions are also done remotely through the agency of a credit card for instance. Anyway, financial aspect remains the biggest problem when dealing with online casinos.

Lots of questions arise regarding the way of sending/receiving money to/from online casinos. It is a difficult decision for the great majority of people to entrust their money and banking information to a quite unknown company, to people they have never met (and they will never do). But solutions have been found in the past few years consisting of many accessible and simpler payment alternatives and tings are no longer as complicated as they used to be. The offer of payment methods is not scarce any more. On the contrary, it is rich in institutions and companies always ready to facilitate such transactions. Although the legislation in this field might not be the most permissive one, there are still enough options for you to choose from.

Direct payment casino methods - the different methods of deposit and withdrawal included in this category do not constrain you to sign up with any other financial company different from that ones that you might have probably already signed up with. Nevertheless, the players from the United States cannot use these payment methods because of the instructions received by banks and similar other institutions from the US government (several years ago) to stop processing payments for online casinos.

Credit and debit cards - Assuming that the legislation in your area have not banned online gambling, it is a highly probable thing that you could use your credit and your debit cards to fund your next deposit. All you have to do is to input your card details into the forum when the situation is imposed. This way, next time you will send money, you can simply select the details of that card. It is a really simple option, in case you do not become very sensitive when it comes to give your credit card details over the internet. Your task is to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable online casino. (and that you are inputting your details into a safe webpage).

Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer - it is a method generally used for withdrawals, but there are some online casinos that allow you to make deposits as well using direct wire transfer from your bank account to theirs. Its convenient aspect comes from the fact that it transfers funds from (occasionally to) your bank account. This might not be a very good option for you as well, in case you are not thrilled about sending your banking information over the Internet.

Wire Transfer - this alternative consists of going to a Western Union branch first of all (or any other fund-sending company) and sending your money directly to the online casino afterwards. This will not take you a lot of time and it is quite convenient as being also used for withdrawals in some cases. The main inconvenience might be represented by the charges imposed when it's frequently used.

Check - this is another payment option and it is generally used for withdrawals, but there are some exceptions when online casinos permit you to deposit money into your casino account by sending them a check from your bank. It is so much like direct wire transfer in so many aspects. Only that factor called time will differentiate them one from another. There is no doubt that wire transfer method takes longer because banks usually take time to process checks. More than that, extra time is required to physically send the check over. There are also charges involved for the cost of the courier/postal service.

Indirect payment casino methods - they require you to previously send your money to some other company, before you can send it to a certain online casino. Withdrawals will follow the same steps; only the online casino will credit your winnings to an external account before you are able to transfer them to your bank account. There are a few payment processors suitable for this situation, like NETeller for instance (it is no longer used in the United States because of the legislation).

Online payment processors - There are many payment processing services belonging to this subcategory, such as: FirePay, Citadel, Click2Pay, moneybookers, etc. These online payment processors are in fact online accounts that you fund through the agency of your bank accounts or credit cards. Whenever you might need your online casino account to be funded, all you have to do is telling the payment processor to send money to the online casino. The methods belonging to this subcategory can be used for withdrawals as well. They are extremely fast and involve very small costs.

Prepaid Cards - Methods like Gift2Go and Visa All Access Debit Cards are highly relevant for this category. It is mostly like purchasing credits for a prepaid cell phone. First of all you buy a card of a certain denomination from a retailer, and then you can use your prepaid card in order to load that amount of money into your online casino account. There are two types of prepaid cards, namely reloadable (via your credit card or bank account) and disposable (they have to be purchased by denomination every time you might want to use them). This could be a great opportunity especially if you do not agree with sending your bank details over the Internet. The explosion of payment options available now has its roots in the sudden development of the casino industry that wants to make payments more and more convenient. On the other hand, the rules governing games in online casinos are responsible for this development as well.

Due to the big number of online casinos there are many chances for you to find an online casino that has that payment method you prefer and some other features you have been looking for. In spite of all those suspicious reviews regarding money transactions in online casinos, there are still lots of secure and trustworthy places for online gambling. All you have to do is to choose the most reputable ones whenever you might feel like gambling.

About the author:

Jennifer Bates is a gambling article writer from Virginia. You can read more gambling tips and information on this online casino review site.

[Article submitted July 2008]

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