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Feature article - Playing Online Bingo
Increase Your Odds of Winning When Playing Online Bingo, by Craig Crossland

Bingo is usually stereotyped at being a version of gambling that only women play, while the majority of bingo players happen to be women that does not mean that men do not play the game also. It does not matter if you are male or female you both have something in common with the majority of bingo players, you are playing the game to win money. The only problem now however is how do you win more bingo games?

If you are familiar with the game then you are probably aware that bingo is a game of chance. What this means is, you cannot do anything to guarantee a win, but you can however alter aspects of the game so the probability of you winning increases.

Buy More Bingo Cards

When you play online bingo your bingo cards are automatically marked for you, unlike playing at bingo halls where you have to mark your own cards playing online bingo gives you the opportunity to buy more cards then you would be safe marking yourself. For every card you purchase the odds of you winning increases.

Picking Your Room Carefully

When playing online bingo you not only get to choose from 100s of online bingo sites but you get to pick between 3 Ė 10+ bingo rooms on each sites. These rooms all vary in amounts you can win, how much tickets are to buy and how many people are in each room. You now need to search rooms for an average amount of each. Playing in a room with 100 other people will give you very small odds of winning, playing in a room with 25 people will increase your odds of winning by 400% compared to the 100 room.

During different times of the day there will be a different amount of bingo players on an online site, times during the day is when bingo sites are typically at their emptiest as people are busy with work and families. A thing to consider is, do not play in a room that is virtually empty, yes, your odds of winning will be much higher but the amount you can win will decrease because of this.

Use Free Bingo Rooms

Most online bingo sites have one form of free bingo on their site, these games allow you to play bingo for free and win real money. Even though these kinds of rooms are the fullest rooms on bingo sites, the games cost you nothing, so if you donít win it does not matter. Recurring Deposit Bonuses

Some online bingo sites offer what is known as a recurring deposit bonus, what this means is, you get free extra bingo money every time you deposit. This means that your money goes a lot further when you deposit and you then have the chance of not only playing more bingo but to buy more bingo cards also.

Ticket Prices

Each bingo room on an online bingo site will sell bingo tickets for different prices, you need to find a fine line between ticket prices vs. how many bingo players are in that room. Usually the higher the price per ticket the low the amount of people in the room. This increases your odds but usually makes your money go a lot quicker. It now depends if you wish to play fewer games with better odds, or more games will lesser odds, both are valid theories to test.

Final Notes

Please be aware that bingo is a game based on chance, it only takes 1 card to win a game and buying 100 cards each game will not guarantee a win. The game is won if you have the ticket that wins first, you buying more cards will give you more chances of you picking this card. Bingo can be very dangerous if you have a gambling problem and knowing when to stop before it is too late is an absolute must.

About the author:

This article is written by Craig Crossland who owns Love to Play Bingo, a site where online bingo sites are reviewed and rated.

[Article submitted August 2011]

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