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Online and land-based casino tips:

Whether playing in a terrestrial casino or online it is a statistical fact that most players gamble for pleasure and will lose. Only a few win.

Gamble for pleasure or gamble to win, the following are my three casino tips you may find useful:

  • Disciplinary tip: Sort out your priorities. Know what you are in for. A common casino player wants three things: 1) win, 2) play all the time and 3) stay in till late - all three of them. You can't do that. This way you are bound to suffer unnecessary and probably unrecoverable losses, most of the time. Think hard. Choose one only and give up the other two.
  • Damage-control tip: Set a limit on your losses for a playing session or a table sitting, and a day's total. If you are traveling to a casino resort, also set a limit for the duration of your trip.
  • Winning tip: Make 'quitting a winner' your primary goal and 'how much you want to win' your secondary goal.

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