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Free slot machine game: Free gambling. Unlimited credits.

Free Slot Machine Online

Play free slot machine game online for as long as you want. Enjoy outstanding software. Tap into unlimited free credits. Use the 'Topic Menu' links on the right to switch between games.

Note: The free slot game uses Adobe Shockwave Player. If the game does not load, it appears from the feedback that we receive that people who upgraded their software are experiencing this problem. We don't know what the problem is. A visitor who encountered this problem managed to fix it and provided us with this direct link to the installer that should fix the problem with one click:

Out of credits? Press [F5] or 'Reload' to refresh this window.

Basic rules: This free slot machine game is derived from that played at the online casino.

Slots is the simplest casino game to play and easy to understand. It is also very addictive, fun to play and very popular.

No skill is required. On most slot machines you can bet one, two or three coins (or tokens). You place your bet and click a button (or a handle) to start the wheels spinning. This is the same as pulling the arm on a real slot machine. Now wait and see if you win.

How much you win depends on the symbols line up on the pay-line. Slot machines usually show on the screen the payouts for each possible winning combination. Here you can play free slot machine online with free coins or tokens.

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