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WebTV Compatible Gaming Sites
WebTV / MSNTV online games and casinos: Below are links to sites that support Web TV-compatible gaming.

A note on WebTV online gaming compatibility

Web TV better known as WebTV service is now called MSN TV service. Although the service name is changing, you still buy WebTV receivers to use it.

Most online casinos offer casino software that needs to be downloaded to a hard-drive and then installed on the computer. WebTV or MSN TV, is a surf-only program, which means it does not have a hard-drive for the software to be downloaded or installed to.

But WebTV is capable of downloading Macromedia Shockwave Flash files, which are small in size. See below at the bottom of this page WebTV MSN TV and Macromedia Flash for versions and compatibility. HTML-based online games too do not require downloading and therefore they are compatible with all systems and platforms, but HTML games are usually very basic in animation quality.

The option then left to WebTV users is Flash or HTML online gaming, that is, a no-download version of casino games software or other online games. Usually, WebTV compatible online games are also compatible with AOL and Mac.

The sites listed on this page support WebTV or MSN TV compatible online gaming either exclusively or as an option. However, it is recommended that you always confirm with the website operator that their current software is WebTV, AOL or Mac compatible and suitable to your version level of browser and your Flash plug-in.

Use the 'Online feedback form' below to suggest a WebTV compatible site.

Note: There are no BINGO, SPADES, HEARTS or EUCHRE games that are compatible with WebTV / MSNTV. These games can only be played by computer users who must download java programs to play them.

WebTV Compatible Gaming Sites

Ace Games
Features free video poker, slots, blackjack, keno, solitaire and word games. Supports webtv online games. Fun casino play with no risk.

Bill's Games
Free, award-winning web-based games for the whole family. Compatible with all browsers, including WorldGate, WebTV / MSNTV and AOL. A collection of free, Java-less games you can play over the web: Solitaire, Hangman, BlackJack, Mazes and more.

More than 4 dozen games, designed especially for play on WebTV, MSN TV, and MSN TV2 (although also work on PCs). Real Texas Hold'em (with 6 opponents), BlackJack, Video Poker, Jeno, Slots, Gin Rummy, Go Fish, 13 different solitaire games, Taipei with 18 layouts, word games, puzzles, Train. Ad-free, membership, but 3 free-to-play every day.

Web-based AOL and WebTV-compatible video games including Video Poker, Deuces Wild Video Blackjack, Video Pai Gow Poker, Lowball Poker, Texas Hold 'em Poker, Gin Rummy. These webgames use no frames or Java and so are WebTV, MSN TV-compatible, AOL-compatible and compatible with the new Internet appliances like I-Opener.

Online slot machines. The most exciting games on the net today. No downloads. Casino games online that are Windows/Mac/WebTV compatible. Start playing now. Freeplay option with a chance to win real money.

Wicked Good Games
Free online MSN TV friendly casino type games.

You may find websites with WebTV or MSN TV Compatible online gaming in the Online Gaming category of il dado Gambling Links Directory.

WebTV MSN TV and Macromedia Flash

Macromedia Flash is one of the most exciting technologies on the Web. It allows developers to add animation and sound to Web pages easily and inexpensively. This means you can enjoy online gaming and play your favorite casino games. One of the biggest advantages in using Flash is that the user does not have to wait for a large download of new content. Flash content is compact.

Flash enables Web sites to animate with striking visual effects that often require a small amount of data, often a few dozen kilobytes (KB) or less, adding only a few seconds to the download time for a Web page. A typical home computer user or WebTV set-top box viewer receives data at a rate of about 2-3 Kbps. In cases where Flash content replaces existing graphics, there may be no net impact on download times.

However, some Shockwave Flash files like the online casino games do take some time to load, sometimes 2 to 4 minutes, so please give time for the pages to fully load.

Your set-top box must have the Macromedia Shockwave Flash plug-in installed in the first place. If you have accepted the Winter 2001 upgrade, your WebTV box or receiver should have Flash 4.0 plug-in installed. Most online casinos support this version to play their games. The first generation WebTV Classics and DISHPlayers have Flash 3.0. The latest version is Flash 5.

Note: WebTV or MSN TV may fail to download Flash files that are very large in size, especially old WebTV Classics set-top boxes. If you try to download a Flash file that is over 250K your WebTV might power off automatically. Some Flash animations do power off WebTV boxes for some odd reason. It must be some kind of bug that causes this glitch. If you WebTV does power off, just reconnect and everything should be fine. The only annoyance about the power off problem is that you have to redial back in. It is advisable to only download Flash files that are small like about 150K or less.

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