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How did the fruit machines originate?

In 1909, a law banning slot machines was introduced in California and Nevada. To side-step the ruling, slot manufacturers would disguise their slot machines as vending machines that sold packs of flavored gum.

Instead of card symbols, the manufacturers placed fruit pictures on the reels such as cherries, oranges and lemons, and the gum's labels. These evolved into the fruit and bars slot machines that we see today.

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How to use slots bonuses to increase your odds, by Mark Cesley

Online free gambling

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Computer software and games

BVS Video Poker Software - Simulates various video poker gambling machines and includes tutorial features for optimal strategy training. Free trial download available.

Slots & MultiPlay Video Poker software. Buy direct from Amazon.ClickSlots & MultiPlay Video Poker (PC and Mac)

Features 50 of the best slot machines and over 50 of Action Gaming's famous "MultiPlay" video poker games, emulating the real IGT games machines at the casinos. This allows you to perfect your play for the real thing whilst enjoying your favourite games anytime. Additionaly, Blackjack and Spanish 21 games are included as a bonus. MultiPlay Video Poker, Blackjack and Spanish 21 have tutorial modes.

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Reel Deal Slots Nickel Alley. Buy direct from Amazon.ClickReel Deal Slots Nickel Alley (PC)

Highly popular software featuring lots of fun slots with exciting bonus games (including the casino favorite Hollywood machine), plus the addition of a "Prize Vault" which offers rewards for completing certain amounts of play. The graphics and sounds are of the highest quality, which make the games that much more fun to play. The winning rate is higher than in real casino play which some players may not like, but most find it to be a lot of fun and consider it to be one of the best you can buy. Also includes video poker.

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