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Super Pan 9 card game:

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Super Pan 9. Game summary, how to play

Super Pan 9 is a card counting game in which you try to reach a total count closer to 9 like in Baccarat. The object of the game is to win your bet by having a higher numerical total of all your cards than the numerical total of the designated Banker's (Player/Dealer) cards. The highest possible value is 9.

Usually eight (some use 12) decks of cards are used with the 7, 8, 9 and 10s removed. Cards are counted at face value, face cards count as 0, and Aces count as 1. Super Pan 9 is played against a player who "Banks" the game, not against the Casino. The Casino takes a small Collection (fee) at the start of each hand.

How to play Super Pan 9

Each player, including the Banker, places their wager before the cards are dealt. This is the only chance to place a bet. The designated Banker (each player is offered the opportunity to be the Banker in turn, clockwise starting from seat #1) then shakes the dice cup to determine where the "Action" will start, the order in which the playerís hand will be compared to his. In Super Pan 9, the Bankerís position is always 1, 9 or 17; numbers count clockwise.

Each player, including the Banker, is then dealt three cards. You then add up your cards and use the last digit of the sum. Example: 6, 5 and 3 add up to 14, which in Super Pan 9 equals 4. You may stay with your three-card total (Stand), or you can request an additional card (Draw) - one card only.

Each player in turn (starting to the immediate left of the Banker), is given the option of playing his hand as is or drawing one additional card. To do that, each player tables his/hers three cards in front of their bet in the appropriate boxes provided: in the Card box if a player wants a draw card, in the No-card box if a player does not want a draw card. Players must place their initial 3-card hand in either the 'Card' or 'No-card' position to indicate their decision. Once the cards are tabled, players may not touch the cards. In the 'Card' position the player will receive one additional card only.

When all hands are set the Banker's hand is exposed. The Banker must Stand (not draw a card) with 'Super Pan 9' totals of 7, 8 and 9, that is, taking the last digit of the total count. The Banker has the option of standing or drawing one card with totals of 4 through 6. The player has the option of drawing on 'Super Pan 9' totals up to 5 and must stand on totals of 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Then, each playerís cards are revealed starting from the Action button and compared in turn to the Bankerís hand. In order to win, a playerís hand must have a higher total than the Banker. In the event that the Banker's hand and the playerís hand have the same total, it is called a Push and no money is exchanged.

The Banker takes care of the winnings and losses. If the Banker runs out of money before it reaches your bet, all bets not acted upon will not win or lose.

The opportunity to be the Banker moves clockwise around the table. You must have played the previous hand in order to be eligible to become a Banker. Banking is optional. You may opt to 'Pass' the Bank to the next player in turn. When Banking you must maintain a minimum bank for each hand.

Back-line Wagers

Each playerís position has three numbered Circles for placing bets. The number 1 circle refers to the player who is occupying the seat and handling the cards for that specific position. Numbers 2 and 3 are areas where another player may wager on.

If there is a dispute on how the hand should be played, the person making the largest wager shall have the final say. All wagers in number 2 or 3 locations will pay equal time 'Collections' before each hand is played. The Casino takes a small Collection at the start of each hand but does not participate in wagers.

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