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Triple Shot
Triple Shot card game:

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Triple Shot card game.

Game summary, how to play

It is a casino table game, or more appropriately, it is a three-game table game. Three games in one: War, Blackjack and Poker. You place a bet for each game at the start of each round and play the three games in succession, thus you play a Triple Shot.

You win or lose your wager on each game individually. However, the cards are brought forward from each individual game, in sequence, to which more cards are added to complete the next game which, as you will see below, requires additional cards to play.

How to play Triple Shot

Place a wager on each of the three betting positions. You may bet any amount on each of the positions according to posted table limits.

Sequence of play:

  1. Play War for the first bet: You and the dealer will be dealt one card face up. High Card wins. Ties lose half of the wager (you do not draw extra cards like in the actual Casino War game).
  2. Play Blackjack for the second bet: You and the dealer will receive another card. Hit or stand, double down or split (Aces only). If you reach six cards without busting, it's the best hand, you will be paid immediately.
  3. Play Poker for the third bet: It is six-card stud Poker. You will receive your remaining cards as applicable.

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