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Draw poker:

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Draw Poker is the basic form of Poker from which all other Poker games are derived. The main objective of Draw Poker is that the player builds a hand from 5 cards from a two-part card dealing.

After the initial round of dealing and betting the players may discard some or all of their cards and receive replacements for the discards. During the game, all cards are dealt and discarded face down.

To start a round of play, one of the players is assigned to deal the cards. The deal usually rotates around the table clockwise. There are no jokers or wild cards in Draw Poker. All suits are ranked equally.

Once assigned, the dealer receives the deck of cards (52) and shuffles. Each player pays the 'ante', which is a small flat fee you pay to purchase the right to play that round. The antes and all other subsequent bets in the course of around, go into the center of the table in a pile called 'pot'.

Once the antes are in, the dealer deals one card at a time, face down, to each player around the table, beginning on the dealer's left. Then the second card is dealt to each player, and so on until each player has 5 cards.

Draw Poker hand.

The players pick up their cards and assess their hand. The player to the dealer's left opens the betting round by either placing a bet, checking (indicating a pass with no bet), or folding by discarding his hand. All players can check in turn until one player starts to bet.

Only after one player places a bet the real betting starts. Each player in turn can either 'Call', 'Raise' or 'Fold'. To fold is to pass or drop out of the round and not play. To call means willing to match the bet, and the same amount must be placed on the pot. To raise means to match the bet and add an extra bet.

Assuming the first player placed a bet, the next player to the left now has the opportunity to call, raise or fold, and so on up to and including the dealer.

Once the dealer has placed his bet, the other players must call any outstanding bets due to raises or Fold. Generally speaking, no raises are permitted once the betting has passed around to the dealer.

Players may now discard any or all of their cards aiming to improve or build a good hand. Cards are discarded face down and collected by the dealer who then deals each player with the replacements as appropriate, face down.

Now another round of betting takes place just like the first round. Again, the dealer gets the final say. Then everyone else must call or fold and the remaining players go for the showdown, that is, everyone opens his closed cards and the highest hand wins the pot.

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