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Intro to Playing Poker Games Online
About online poker, playing live poker games online against real people:


Online poker is a rich, complex game that combines skill, luck and intense psychological warfare. Every player competes against and interacts with every other; each player's actions influence each other player's actions.

In other casino games, you play against the house and its pre-determined, unchanging rules. Online poker room games (as well as land based poker room play) is different where your success comes from outsmarting the other player who sits at the table with you.

Whether played as a casual recreation or as a cut-throat profession, poker endures as the gamblers most popular card game. Itís been estimated that 70 million Americans are familiar with the standard rules of poker, marking it as quite the socially acceptable gambling activity. The game is incredibly adaptable, and the growing popularity of online poker attests to that.

Online Poker v Land-based Poker

Online poker is the fastest growing aspect of the poker world. Online Poker Game provides poker players around the world the opportunity to play against each other and enjoy a good poker game from the comfort of their own home.

Itís a fact that online poker rooms and land based poker rooms have unique advantages weighing in their own favor. But, while they share some similarities, they are different in a number of ways, and some of those differences are the reason poker lovers lean for the online poker way.

You need to compare, so, below we give you a list of some ways in which online poker is better than the offline poker opponent. These are just some of the many advantages online poker has.

Play online poker game for free

When you decide to play online, you can choose from playing for Real Money or for Play Money. Play poker with play money is not a facility you will find if you go to a casino. By doing this, beginners get the chance to learn a new game, increase theirs skills, see how the betting works, learn the procedures of online poker or just play for fun when you donít feel like betting real money.

Free games are the best learning tools. After playing for play money, we recommend you that once you feel confident enough go and try your best playing for Real Money. Poker is a game designed to be played for "something of value". And tournaments are fun, exciting, and affordable.

Get a lower rake

Most land-based (brick & mortar) card rooms and casinos charge a 10% rake but most online card rooms charge a 5% rake.

You can play more

Online poker rooms will deal about 60 hands per hour (or up to 100 hands per hour in shorthanded games) compared with most land-based poker rooms and casinos that will deal about 30 hands per hour.

You can choose to play from a better selection of online poker games

There is usually a game of any type and any level going at any time.

Less travel time or no travel at all

You don't have to spend long hours to drive to and from the casino. This gives you more time to play the game. It also allows you to have short sessions - sometimes you feel like sitting and playing for 20 minutes or so but wouldn't drive to a casino just to play for 20 minutes.

Thereís no toking/tipping

You donít have to tip the dealer.

Play more poker tournaments

Land-based card rooms only have tournaments at specified times on specified days. On the other hand, online poker sites have many more multi-table tournaments as well as "Sit-N-Goes" which are tournaments that are ongoing.

Multiple tables at once

This increases your win rate but it may also raise your profits as you are playing anywhere from 150-250 hands per hour.

Chance to get bonuses

Online poker rooms give away lots of money in bonuses for you to play at their site.

There are no dealer mistakes

Dealer mistakes can distort the real results in land-based card rooms and casinos whereas playing online such mistakes don't happen.

You have time to plan your move

When you are playing online time is on your side, thatís because you can play at your own ease, and be secure in the knowledge that when you play a hand, you've put some thought into it, and have not played as a result of impulse or stare pressure.

You donít need to wait too long to start playing at the tables

Most of the time there are no waits for an online room (occasionally you may have to wait 5 minutes).

Worry about being a weak player

Weak players may feel intimidated when playing at land-based card rooms and casinos and worry of making mistakes or looking bad to people. The anonymity of playing online gives them more comfort and feel more relaxed.

Play with no pressure

Sitting at a real physical table in land-based card rooms and casinos can bring lots of external pressures. While you play online in the secure and comfort of your home, the only pressures comes from within yourself.

Playing online poker

If you want to play online poker, the first thing you need to do, is download the software available at the online poker site. It takes no time if you have a fast connection but even with a 56K modem it should not take more than 5 minutes.

Hold your enthusiasm

Before you can start to play online you need to do a bit of research before you begin. Sign up with one or more of the free, preferably reputable, message boards where experienced players and others exchange news and views about gambling information sites, promotions, gambling software providers and gambling in general. You will soon get a very good idea of which gambling information sites to avoid.

The first decision you need to make is which site you should try first. You can have accounts at more than one site if you want, but you might as well start off at one of the better sites.

We recommend trying the free games the site offers you before playing for real money. If you run out of fun money you can request more. It allows you to get used to the site and practice against real poker players from around the world.

There is no better way to learn how to play online poker than by playing. Playing online poker allows you to select your actions before your turn by pushing down a button or highlighting a box, it is important to get accustomed to these buttons and where they are located on the site.

Here we give you some other parameters you should keep in mind before starting to play online poker games:

  • Methods of payment
  • Fees you are assessed to play online
  • Good and complete information about the site itself (owner, location, etc)
  • License of the Company
  • Company policies
  • Kind of customer service

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