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12 Colors - A Clean Sweep hand that consists of exactly 12 cards of one color and a 13th of the other in Chinese Poker.
13 Colors - A Clean Sweep hand that consists entirely of either hearts and diamonds; OR clubs and spades.
Aces Up - A pair of aces with another pair. This term can be used with any 2-pair hand, For example: 7's up - a pair of 7's with another pair below 7.
Action – Any act of betting, raising , checking , or folding . “Your action” means your turn to act.
Acey-Deucy - When pocket cards are Ace (A), Two (2).
Ainsworth - When pocket cards are Six (6), Two (2).
Ajax - Ace (A), Jack (J), also called foamy cleanser
Alaska Hand - See King Crab below
All-in - A player who runs out of table stakes in the middle of a hand is “all in”. Subsequent betting by other players thus results in a side pot. Players can never be bet out of a hand simply for running out of money this way. Those who are all in are only eligible for the money in the pot into which they contributed.
American Airlines – Age old poker nickname for two pocket aces.
Ante - Money placed in the pot by all players before receiving cards. Most often only stud games require antes.
Assistant – The Player who plays immediately before the winner's final discard in Big 2. If the assistant is not able to play the best possible hand before the winner's final hand, the assistant must cover the other Players' losses.

Back Door Flush/(Straight) - When both the last 2 cards make a player's flush/straight.
Back Hand - The backhand is defined as the highest hand of the bottom set in the series of three in Chinese Poker. It is also referred to as the "Big Behind".
Bad Beat - Most often this means a strong hand that loses to an even stronger hand.
Barbara Hutton - Ten (10), five (5). This comes from the name of the dime store Five And Dime heiress.
Baskin Robbins – Three (3), Ace (A), from the ice cream chain's "31 Flavors".
Beer Hand - Seven (7), Two (2)
Belly Buster - Drawing to a straight that needs one of the middle cards to complete it. For examaple: 5 6 8 9, any 7 completes a straight inside.
Bicycle (or Wheel) - A straight to the 5. Example: A 2 3 4 5 .
Big Bet – The aount of money wagered in later betting rounds. In $10/$20 Hold ‘Em, the big bet is $20.
Big Blind - The amount that the 2nd player to the left of the button must post before receiving cards. Big blind is the same amount as the small bet.
Big Slick - Ace (A), King (K); known as Santa Barbara as well.
Biscuit - A hundred dollar Bet.
Bitches - Pocket Queens.
Blank - A card on either 4th or 5th Street that has no value for anyone's hand.
Blinds - Money used to initiate the action in place of an ante in a flop type game such as Hold ‘Em.
Blocky - Six (6), Three(3).
Blog (Poker Blog) - A random discussion about anything related to the world of poker. A shared online journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experience and hobbies.
Bluff - Betting or raising with the intention of getting someone else to fold a strong hand.
Board - In flop games like Hold 'Em Poker these are the community cards. In stud games, these are the cards that are dealt face up to each player.
Bully Johnson - Three (3), five (5).
Bring In – The Initial bet. In stud games the player with the lowest card showing on the first round must bring in. The player closest to the dealer's left brings in, in the event of a tie.
Button – Moving clockwise every hand, the button is used in Texas Hold ‘Em poker and other similar games to show which player acts first in a hand.

Call - Wagering the same amount after the original bet has been made. For example: if player A bets $10, player B calls $10.
Canine - King (K), nine (9). Also known as a Pedigree or Mongrel.
Cap - When the last allowable raise has been taken the pot is capped. During heads up or in tournaments there is usually no cap.
Card Set – This is a a group of cards that during a round of Big 2 a player may discard from his hand at once.
Card Shark - A person who is an expert at cards.
Check (or Pass) - Neither betting nor folding when play comes to you. Checking may only be done when you are first to act or placing a bet.
Check/Raise or Check-raising (also, Sandbagging) - Checking, then raising, after a player bets. For example: If player A checks, and then player B bets, player A is allowed to raise the bet.
Clean Sweep - A special hand that automatically wins in Chinese Poker. Clean Sweep hands include Dragon, 13 Colors, 12 Colors, 6 Pair, 3 Straights, and 3 Flushes.
Community Cards – These are cards that all players may use to make their hands. Board cards in flop games such as Hold 'Em Poker are community cards. In 7-Card stud a community card is used when there aren't enough cards left for all players to receive a 7th card.
Crabs - Pocket threes.
Cutoff (Cut off) - The seat immediately to the right of the dealer button. The last player to act before the the player on the button does. The second-best position in a hand of poker. (Also Known As: cutoff seat, cutoff position.)

Darth Vader - Two black fours ("the dark side of the force").
Dead Card - A card that has already been seen in stud Poker.
Dead Man's Hand - Ace (A), eight (8), according to legend "Wild Bill" Hickok was holding aces and eights when he was shot in the back by Jack McCall in 1876.
Deuce - A 2 card of any suit.
Dimes - Pocket 10's.
Dickey Birds - Pocket deuces.
Dog – This is a hand which is unlikely to win the pot.
Door Card - The 1st exposed card in a player's hand in 7-Card Stud.
Dolly Parton - Nine (9), five (5). Taken from the movie Nine to five in which she starred.
Down Cards (or Hole Cards) - A player's individual cards that are face down.
Doyle Brunson - 10 / 2. Apparently because he won 2 consecutive championships with a 10 / 2 as his pocket cards. The blinds were too big and he 'had' to play them both years and he ended up winning.
Dragon – Containing one card of every rank this is the highest possible hand in Chinese Poker.
Draw - Receive a card.
Drawing Dead - Drawing to a hand that cannot win. Usually after you went all-in and one of the players has 'the nuts' and the other player has no chance of winning. There are more cards (the turn, the flop) coming out but still, the now losing player is 'drawing dead'. For example: drawing to a straight when someone has a flush.
Draw Out – Making the winning hand on the last card or draw.
Ducks - 2's.

Eubie - Eight (8), Six (6); supposedly comes from the saying "if you play these you'll be broke".
Eyes / Eyes of Texas - Pocket Aces.

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