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Hand - Refers to the cards that you hold, or to everything that happens in a card game between shuffles of the deck. A hand begins with the shuffling of the cards, dealing and then betting until a winner is declared which is when the hand is over. To 'play a hand' means to be dealt in or to call the initial bet.
Hanger - A card that juts out conspicuously when a cheater is dealing.
Heads Up - A play between only two players.
Help - Someone who needs help needs their hand to improve for a chance of winning the pot.
High (High hand) - The best hand.
High Poker - Standard poker, as compared to low poker or lowball. In high poker, high hands win.
High Society - The highest denomination of chips in a card room.
Hit - If you hit it means you have at least paired a card on the flop or hit a draw. If you miss it means you haven't matched anything or missed a draw.
Hold 'em - A form of poker in which each player is dealt two cards face down, called hole cards. The player may then use none, one, or both of his hole cards, in combination with five community cards dealt face up, to make the best possible five card hand.
Hole - Your first two down cards are said to be 'in the hole'.
Hole Card - In stud and Texas Hold‘em poker, the facedown cards dealt to each player. In blackjack, the facedown card that the dealer gets.

Inside Straight (Draw) - An inside straight draw is a draw to a straight that's missing one of the cards in the middle (as opposed to on the end). 4578 is an inside straight, 4567 is an outside straight. Also called a one-gapper or a gutshot.
Isolate - To isolate a player is to raise with the intention of removing everyone else from the hand except that player.

Joker - (Also, Wild Card) The 53rd card in a deck, sometimes used as a wild card. A card that can be labelled whatever suit and rank the possessor wishes to.

Kalooki (also, Kalookie, Kaluki, kaloochi, Caloochi) - Kalooki is a card game the same as Rummy, with a number of minor exceptions. Kalooki is a game often played with wild cards. There are many variants of Kalooki and the rules may differ depending on where the game is played or which version of Kalooki is being played.
Kansas City - Kansas City lowball is Low Ball with the ace as high. Best hand is 23457.
Kicker - The highest unpaired card in your hand that doesn't participate in a straight or flush, i.e., the card that does not contribute to the strength of your hand except by itself.

Ladies - Queens.
Limit (Limit Poker) - Any game in which there is a fixed limit on how much you can bet or raise in any round.
Limp - To flat call an opening forced bet is to limp into a hand.
Live card - A fresh card or a card that has not been seen.
Live game - A game with lots of betting action.
Lock - A hand that is guaranteed to win at least part of the pot.
Loose - A loose player plays more hands and holds on to them longer.
Lowball - A 5 or 7 card version of poker in which the lowest hand wins.
Low Poker - Also called lowball, is poker in which the pot is awarded to the hand with the lowest poker value.

Make a Hand - To get a decent hand that has a shot at winning the pot.
Maniac - A player who plays extremely loose and aggressive, often raising with just about anything.
Match Play - The competition system used in tournaments (usually card games) in which two participants play a series of games which ends when one player accumulates a required number of points. Each game could be worth one, two, or more points.
Mechanic - (Also, Greek Dealer) A cheater who manipulates the cards to his benefit when dealing.
Mechanic's Grip - The way a cheater holds the deck of cards to facilitate his manipulations.
Middle Pair - If there are three cards of different ranks on the flop in Hold'em, and you pair the middle one, you have middle pair.
Mitt joint - (USA) A club where the house cheats the players, or one that turns a blind eye to cheating in general.
Monster - An extremely strong hand, one that is almost certain to win the pot.
Muck - To 'muck' your cards it to put them into the pile of discarded cards when folding.

No-limit - A form of betting where players can bet any amount they choose, from the chips or money in front of them.
Nuts (or Nut) - The nuts is the best possible hand.
Nut Straight - The highest possible straight in a given hand.

Odds - The probability of making or not making a hand (e.g. if you have a 25% chance of making a hand, the odds are 3 to 1 against your making it).
Off-suit - Not of the same suit.
Omaha - A flop game dealt similar to Hold'em but with four down-cards each. A hand is made using five from a possible nine, but two and only two must be used from the players hand.
On the Finger - Money given on credit.
On tilt - Going 'on tilt' is a bad reaction to an unlucky hand resulting in uncontrolled wild play.
Open - To 'open betting' is to make the first bet in a round.
Outdraw - To make a better hand than an opponent by drawing more cards.
Outs - Live cards or fresh cards remaining in the deck that may improve one's hand.
Overpair - In flop games, a pocket pair higher than the highest card on the board. If you hold AA and the flop is K62, you have a nice overpair.

Paint - A card with a picture (Jack, King or Queen).
Pair - Any two cards that have the same rank.
Pasadena - Fold.
Pass - To not bet, to fold.
Passive Play - A style of play that is characterized by reluctance to bet and raise.
Pat - In draw poker, a hand that does not need any more hands. In blackjack, an unbusted hand worth at least 17 points.
Pineapple - A variation on Hold'em where players receive three cards each and are forced to discard one of them after the flop is dealt. Thus reverting to Hold'em.
Play Back - To play back at someone is to raise their opening bet.
Playing the Rush - A poker term referring to a player who has just enjoyed a short-run of good luck marked by winning a very large pot of money in one hand or winning several hands in close succession. If the player subsequently begins to play more loosely or more aggressively they are said to be 'playing the rush'.
Play on Your Belly - To play without cheating.
Play the Board - In flop games like Hold'em, if your best five card hand uses the five community cards, you're playing the board.
Poker Hand - A collection of exactly five cards that constitute a hand according to the accepted list of hands.
Pocket Cards - Cards dealt face down.
Position - Refers to your betting position at the table (e.g. the first players to act are in an early position).
Position Bet - A position bet is a bet made more on the strength of one's position at the table than on the strength of one's hand. A player on the button in hold'em poker is in good position to steal the pot if no one else opens.
Post - To post a bet is to place your chips in the pot (or, commonly, out in front of you, so that your bet can be counted). In poker, posting usually means a forced bet, such as a blind.
Pot - In a poker game, the amount of money that accumulates in the middle of the table as each player antes, bets, and raises. The pot goes to the winner of the hand.
Pot-Limit - Any game in which the maximum bet or raise is the size of the pot.
Pot Odds - The ratio of the amount of money in the pot to the amount of money it will cost you to call a bet.
Prop - Short for proposition player (see below).
Proposition Player (Similar to 'Shill' in casinos) - A proposition player, or 'prop', is a player who is paid by a cardroom to play poker, usually in order to keep games going when they get shorthanded, or to get games started. Props are paid a salary, but they gamble with their own money.
Protect - To protect a hand is to bet so that more people will fold, reducing the chances of anyone outdrawing you.
Pushka - (USA) An arrangement between two or more of the players to share part of the pot's win, or more precisely, the container into which the shared chips are played.

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