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Roulette Tips
Roulette tips:

For an efficient betting strategy aim to win more money in fewer winning spins.

Take into account probability, but don't rely on it. Use it to make an approximate assessment of what you could expect on a long run.

If you are influenced by previous results, then learn to bet with the outcome and not against it. You will eventually realize that it makes no difference. If anything, the 'law of unequal distribution' will be on your side.

Remember, the two major factors that determine how much you win or lose at roulette are: 1) your luck on the day and 2) deciding when is the best time to quit.

On a very bad day, no sum of wagering money or degree of skill will make you a winner. Don't persist. Cut your losses early.

Don't challenge the mathematical advantage of the casino. You cannot eliminate or change it and you don't need to. It is not your adversary unless you choose to make it that way and you will lose - slowly but surely. It is relatively small considering the sums of money that can be won or lost in a very short space of time. Think of it as a necessary and acceptable contribution or a tax towards paying the cost of the gaming equipment and salaries of the casino personnel. Remember, you pay it if and when you win only. (See Roulette quiz, the casino advantage - when you win the casino wins.)

If you are new to the roulette game, you are probably thinking of the possibility to come up with a mathematical roulette system that excludes luck, but before you attempt at that, consider the next two tips.

Mathematics and gambling don't mix. In mathematics you know exactly what will happen. Gambling is the exact opposite, you never know what will happen, otherwise it wouldn't be gambling. If you try to calculate the possibilities of winning mathematically, it is unlikely that you will get anywhere even if there was no casino advantage - no 0, 00.

No system tester has ever produced a conclusive positive result for a roulette system - not once. That's because the luck factor will always be missing. If you devise your own system, try it out for real in actual play and don't rely on collected lists of decisions. The free on-line and off-line casino games are useful to carry out preliminary tests. Remember, luck cannot be quantified or spread evenly and recorded lists of decisions will never reoccur again in that order. The probability of a sequence of just four numbers coming up again in the same order is 1/38 x 1/38 x 1/38 x 1/38 = 1/2,085,136. That's one in two million.

Roulette tips submitted by visitors

"The stall": When your numbers stop hitting; i.e. when you don't hit for 3 straight rolls,on a 1 dollar minimum table, brake a 5 dollar chip into silver. Then paint the corners of a number in the middle column; i.e. place a dollar coin on each corner of black 17. Take the last coin and place it between the 0,00.
Why would you do this? you do this when your numbers go cold. You brake your bet down to the minimum. You don't ever want to just sit there without money on the playing field. You are still playing 11 numbers per roll. It keeps you working. You can play out the cold spell till your numbers come back. This works out great when you know when to stop. "The stall" should be used only 4 to 5 consecutive rolls. Then go back to playing your regular numbers. It's a $20.00 plus a 10 min breathing period.
Good luck, know when to breath. - The funke grifter

Don't bet against yourself. If you place more than one number, play them in a manner where it's possible to win them all if the right number is hit. - Anon

There are three human emotions that you should not take into the casino. Fear. Stupidity. And Greed. Each of these is your own personal disadvantage without even taking into account the casinos advantage. - LuckyGirl

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