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Casino Affiliate Program Made Risk Free

Slotland Affiliate (Link opens new window) has set into motion the redefining of affiliate remuneration. Online casino affiliate programs are among the most profitable of all online affiliate programs, but webmasters often shy away from getting involved with casino affiliate programs because they are risk averse. “Online casino programs usually pay their affiliates based on the net losses of the players they refer. The problem there is that the affiliate has no way of estimating revenues since so much of their revenue is tied to whether or not the player he refers is lucky,” said a spokesperson of Slotland.

To remove the risk factors associated with most casino affiliate programs, Slotland has designed its affiliate program to pay 25% of player deposits for the lifetime of that player. That means that affiliates can better estimate the revenue they will receive on a month by month basis by applying a multiple to their monthly traffic numbers and multiplying that by the average deposit made by their players; a number that can be established quickly and remains fairly consistent over time.

To further reduce the risk to affiliates, Slotland has also decided not to deduct the value of credit card chargebacks from affiliate earnings. “We wanted to create a truly risk free affiliate program to address the most desirous needs of affiliates. That meant that we had to identify all areas of risk, not just casino risk, when designing the program.

Slotland’s affiliate tools are comprehensive offering affiliates real time statistics, rapid payment and a large stable of creative to help affiliates direct traffic to the site. They also offer dedicated affiliate support for questions both technical and related to the marketing of the affiliate program.

To become a Slotland Affiliate click here (Link opens new window)

About Slotland

Established in 1998, Slotland is renowned for its fairness, security and sincerity. Slotland offers its customers a unique slot machine experience and ensures their customers experience long time play with a high certified payback.

Slotland is fully licensed and registered by the Government of Anjouan and is approved both by the Gaming Commission and Interactive Gaming Council.

[Jun 2007 last update]

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