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Tips on Banner Ads
Casino affiliates advice:

There are several ways to work on improving the effectiveness of the casino or other gambling related ads that you place on your site. Following are some helpful tips that may help increase your casino ads click-through rate.

  • Target the banners
    Through targeting you can be sure that you are reaching your target players. If your site focuses on blackjack it will attract blackjack enthusiasts. So try a banner featuring blackjack.
  • Banner location
    Banners that appear first as the page loads are more likely to be clicked on. Banners placed 'Above the fold' (the top of the page that is visible without scrolling down) tend to get the best results. You can also place a second banner at the bottom of the page.
  • Keep your banners fresh
    Make sure that you avoid 'banner burnout'. Update your banners every now and then to keep them fresh. Experiment with various banners; certain colors, size or message may work better than others on your site.
  • Use balance
    Balance the placement of your banners on your site. Make sure that they are not all over the place and have a good balance. Learn from others. Check out popular websites that are known to work well in the industry.
  • Avoid banner overload
    Donít put too many banners on your page. Don't make it look like a banner farm. The more banners you put on your page the longer it will take for to load. This may lose you visitors and possibly potential players. It also means that your visitors may be overwhelmed with banners and this can easily distract visitors from the actual content value of your site.
  • Add text to banner ads
    Support banners with a text link or a review of the casino.

By following the above advice you will probably be on your way to improving your affiliate earning potential.

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