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One Eye'd Jacks - Some jacks have one eye.
On the Come - Drawing to any straight or flush.
Open End/Outside Straight Draw - Drawing to a straight that requires either outside card to complete it. For example: if you hold 5 6 7 8, any 4 or 9 completes the straight outside.
Open Game - A game where anyone can play.
Open Pair - An exposed pair in stud poker.
Open Poker - A game in where some cards are dealt face up.
Open Seat - An empty seat at a game that anyone can sit in and play.

Plog - The new exclusive English Harbour Poker Blog. Plog is the merging of BLOG and POKER to form the first ever PLOG.
Overcard - A card higher than any visible card. If flop is 7, 3, 2 and you have Q, J... you have two Overcards.
Poker Blog - A random discussion about anything related to the world of poker.
Pocket Cards - The two cards dealt to each player at the start of the hand. Also called hole cards.
Pot Odds - Money in the pot and divided by what it will cost you to continue the hand.
Presto - A nickname in Hold’em Poker when revealing pocket 5's.

Raise - Increasing the amount of the original bet, usually by doubling. For example: player A bets $10, player B raises bet to $20.
Rake – The money that gets taken out of the pot by the house; usually on a percentage with a maximum.
Raquel Welch - Three (3), eight (8); has to do with measurements.
RAZZ - Razz is 7 Card Stud poker game where the best low hand wins, played with two to eight players. As in regular 7 Card Stud, every player is dealt a total of seven cards, three of them face down, and the other four face up.
Re-buy - To buy again into a tournament.
Redraw – This is a draw to an even better hand when you currently hold the nuts.
Ring Game - Poker lingo for a plain old non-tournament poker game. Another name for this type of game is a "live game". A ring game is confined to a single table. In a ring game, any player can sit down at any time, buy chips, play poker and cash out at any time. Players come and go as they please, sit out when they need to take a short break. The big distinction between a ring game and a tournament is in a ring game you are able to stand up and cash out at any time.
River - The 5th board card in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker or the last card in Stud Poker.
Rockets - Aces.
Rolled Up - When a player's first 3 cards in 7-Card stud Poker are of the same kind.
Rounder - A skilled poker player, a professional or semi-pro who earns an income from playing poker.
Round of Betting - The action sequence in which each player can check, bet, raise or fold.
Runner - You need one card to make your hand.
Runner/Runner - You need two cards to make your hand.

Sandbagging - See "Check/Raise"
Scare Card – A card that looks like it might make a strong hand.
Scoot - Scooting is the practice of passing chips to another player after winning a pot. Typically, scooting partners will agree to 'scoot' each other a predetermined number of chips after winning each pot. Most Casinos prohibit this.
Sell - To make a small bet with a strong hand in the hope of getting a call from players with a weak hand.
Set (or Trips) - 3-of-a-Kind.
Short Stack - The player with the lowest amount of chips at the table.
Showdown - The showing of cards at the end of a hand.
Side Pot – A Pot that is created after a player goes all in. It is possible to have multiple side pots.
Siegfried & Roy - Two Queens.
Slow Play (Slowplay) - To not bet or raise with a strong hand.
Small Bet - 1st betting round. For example: in $10/$20 Hold 'Em Poker, small bet is $10.
Small Blind – Money that the 1st player to the left of the button must post before they receive cards. A Small blind is usually half the big blind.
Snow Men - Pocket 8's.
Split Pot - A pot split evenly among players with equal hands.
Stack - The amount of chips a player has on the table.
Straddle - Doubling the blind. Live straddle is a live bet equivalent to two big blinds. The player placing the straddle effectively becomes the 'bigger blind'. It is a voluntary additional blind made by the player 'under the gun' (UTG, the player who is first to act) after the posting of the small and big blinds, but before cards are dealt. The person who makes the straddle bet gets to bet last in the pre-flop round. A straddle counts as a blind and not a bet, so the player who made it can still raise if everybody calls his straddle.
Straight - A hand consisting of cards of consecutive rank. For example: 7 8 9 10 J.
Straight Flush - A hand consisting of suited cards of consecutive rank. For example: 5 6 7 8 9.
Street - Refers to a certain period in the game. In 7-Card Stud Poker, 3rd Street is the 1st betting round on the 1st three cards. 4th Street is the 4th card dealt to each player, etc. In Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and similar games, 4th Street is the 4th board card in the 3rd round of betting.
String Betting - A string bet is a bet that initially looks like a call, but then turns out to be a raise. It can cause other players to react and give away information providing an unfair advantage to the bettor and other players.
Sucked Out - Somebody who shouldn't have won beats you.
Suited Connectors - Two cards of the same suit and of consecutive tank.
Surrender - In Chinese Poker, the act of discarding one's hand from play and removing oneself from the current betting round. A Player who surrenders must pay each opponent 3 units, but eliminates the risk of greater losses.

Table Stakes - Money that players have at the start of a hand and available for that hand. Players may not add money to their stacks, or bring more to the table while involved in a hand. Also players may not be bet out of a hand, or be forced to fold because they run out of money in the middle of a hand. (See all in.)
TAGfish - TAG is short 'tight-aggressive'. TAGfishes (tight-aggressive fishes) are those players who think that they can earn much money by following a strategy of tight-aggressive style at Texas Hold'em poker. They rely on bluff, which sometimes works, but in many cases aggressive strategy with use of bluff leads to losses. Such players are called TAG-fishes. They learn the skills but do not apply them correctly. TAGfishes usually buy in full, top up every hand, have decent enough stats and play what they think is good poker, but they can't seem to win. It is not so easy to recognize a TAGfish. They do not lose all the time. Sometimes they win and they break the bank, but overall they lose much more than win.
Tell - Behavour, physical action a player makes that can tell how weak or strong his hand is.
Tilt - When somebody is playing upset, reckless or differently because they lost a hand they are said to be 'on tilt'.
Turn - 4th board card.
Twiggy - Two (2), nine (9); measurements of Twiggy.

Under the Gun - The position of the player who is first to act.
Union Oil - Seven (7), six (6); From the symbol of the oil company.
Up Cards – a player's individual cards that are face up in stud poker games.
UTG - Short for 'under the gun', the player immediately to the left of the big blind who is first to act.

Walkin' Sticks - Pocket 7's.
Weinberg - Ten (10), three (3).
Whiff - When you miss your card.
Whiff, Whiff - When you miss your card on the turn and river.
Woolworth - Ten (10), five (5); this comes from the F.W Woolworth retail chain.
WPS - World Poker Series
WPT - World Poker Tour
WSOP - World Series Of Poker

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